Party Venue

  • We cater for all your Party Needs.
  • Various food options for all occasions.
  • You are welcome to decorate the venue the way you want to.
  • Big bonfires
  • Our Bar Prices are just as special as the venue
  • Party as late as you WANT!

Not only will Getaway Coaches be the place where memories are created, but with all its antique, it will be a trip down memory lane, especially for the older folk

Everywhere in the coaches are items that was unique to the old South African Railway-trains like “don’t throw objects out of the windows”-signs. Except for the trains that will give you a feeling of nostalgia, all over the premises are antique memorabilia. Our locomotive and small train is also the perfect place to take photos.

Getaway Coaches is situated on the farm Rietfontein, about 4km from Rayton. The farm was inherited and certain buildings on the farm were originally the Van der Merwe Railway Station which was situated on the railway line from Pretoria to Machadodorp between Koedoespoort and the Rayton station. It was also en route to Lorenzo Marques and the legend has it that the Kruger-millions was transported on this route and passed this station. This is also the place where the first fountain water, Seltzbach was bottled in 1890 and transported from the Van der Merwe-station to its end destination.

The five coaches at Getaway Coaches were brought from Witrivier in Mpumalanga about 15 years ago to the site of the original Van der Merwe-train.

What makes Getaway Coaches so unique, is everything happens in a train. You party on the train’s “stoep” and you sleep in coaches. There are three types of coaches. In the first coach the rooms have en suite-bathrooms, in the second coach there are sharing bathrooms and in the last two coaches the rooms are exactly like it is in an original train coach – with train bunks. Even the bathrooms are as it is in an original coach.

If you want a get together that is different from anything else you ever experienced before, try Getaway Coaches.