Getaway Coaches

Activities to keep you entertained at your Bachelors Party

Add one or more of the Activities to your Bachelors Package from one of our Venues.

Archery and Air Riffle Target Shooting @ R120 per person

This Activity will be about a hour and a half for a group of 15 people. It will take a bit longer if it is a bigger group. Each person will shoot about 15 arrows with the Bow and 15 bullets with the Air Riffle.

Paint Ball Battle which includes 100 Balls each @ R140 per person

Each Player will receive a Paintball Gun, a Mask and a Overall. Come and show the Bachelor that marriage can be painful as well as that you need to know how to dodge the bullets…

Quad Bike Obstacle Course @ R400 per person

This trail will test your skills to navigate some tough terrain on a Quad Bike. There will be a experienced guide in front to help you. We will break up into groups of between 5 – 7 guys at a time, while the rest of the guys can enjoy a beer. This activity will be more or less 30 minutes per group.