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Getaway Coaches – Accommodation

Getaway Coaches offers three kinds of accommodation. From compartments for people who like the more elegant lifestyle to compartments which will give you the real feeling of life on a train.

With our unique venues, Getaway Coaches and The Bush Pad you don’t have to look any further for a place to have the best bachelor party ever! Bring your mates and jol till the early morning hours. We will sort out the rest.

The BushPad

Accommodation and use of venue for a minimum of 10 people @ R250 per person per night

Accommodation, use of venue and a potjie for a minimum of 10 people @ R310 per person per night

Accommodation, use of venue and a pork spitbraai for a minimum of 15 people @ R430 per person per night

Accommodation, use of venue and a lamb spitbraai for a minimum of 15 people @ R520 per person per night

Getaway Coaches

Accommodation and use of the venue for a minimum of 30 people @ R290 per person per night

Accommodation, use of the venue and a potjie for a minimum of 20 people @ R330 per person per night

Accommodation, use of the venue and a pork spitbraai for a minimum of 15 people @ R410 per person per night

Accommodation, use of the venue and a lamb spitbraai for a minimum of 15 people @ R490 per person per night


First Class

The first class is more for people who like to have a piece of heaven all to them. This coach has three rooms, each with a double bed and its own bathroom.

On your way to one of these three rooms, you never forget that you are in a train. You go up a small staircase, similar to those that you use to walk onto a train and through a passageway like in days gone by.

When you sit in a room in the first class, you get that feeling that you are a lord or a lady in a 1960’s movie, travelling to an exquisite destination. All that lacks is the clothes, the feathers in the hair, a cigarette between your fingers, a glass of wine and the tjoek-tjoek-sound a train makes when moving through the country side.

The rooms are cosy with its double bed and a small corner where you can relax on antique chairs while looking out of the train window. If you look closely you can see a part of the farm the train is situated on, which overlooks lush green grass and birds frolicking in the trees.

That nostalgic feeling is extended by the bathrooms which has old dark wooden furniture.  One of the three rooms even has a loose standing bath with golden feet that you can get lost in.

Second Class

The second class coaches are more for the adventurous, in the mood for something different, “come and have a lekker kuier with friends”-kind of people.

This coach is more suitable for your pocket if you bring a lot of friends to have a kuier and a braai at Getaway Coaches.

The second class has six rooms which either has a double bed or a three-quarter bed or two single beds in which you just want to snuggle up. Except for the beds, everything in this coach is exactly as it was in the original train even with a small kitchen and a coal stove.

The rooms are neat, cosy and comfortable and if you look through the window you can see some of the antique memorabilia on the premises or a view of the farm. Sometimes if you are lucky, you will even see horses grazing on the grass.

When you walk up the staircase to the second class, the first thing you see is a view of the farm when you look out an old train door. Walking down the passageway to the rooms, you will get the feeling old soldiers got when they had to go to war and had to leave loved ones goodbye. All you want to do is hang out of the windows and wave and shout. Through the windows in the passageway, you have a view of the main area with its lounges where people usually sit and kuier as well as a view of the farm, especially the big green lawn.

This coach has a sharing bathroom as well as two showers outside that can be used.

Economic Class

If you really want a trip down memory lane, the economic class will give you just that.

Remember those childhood days you spent on a train, the days when that was the way you travelled to go visit your grandparents or the days you dropped your brother off at the train station before he went to the army? In the economic class all these memories will come back when you relive the age-old tradition of sleeping in a train coach.

The coaches are an exact resemblance of how compartments in original trains were. From the compartments that can accommodate a family of 4 for a day/night journey to go visit friends or family, to the bathrooms. The coaches themselves are even on railway tracks.

These coaches are ideal for school groups as well as people who have big parties at Getaway Coaches and want the unique train-experience. A night in this coach would give your children an idea of how a family adventure on a train was like in days gone by.

The economic class consists of two coaches with five rooms each. Four people can sleep on the four train bunks in a compartment. Two of these bunks are above the other and can open up from the wall. There is even a basin/table-combination in the compartment that was unique to original trains.

When you walk down the passageway or when you lie in your compartment, the view is nature. In the background you will hear water that is running into the dam. Here and there the sounds of birds and chickens will round off the perfect picture. Then there is the horses grazing in the field next to the coaches. All this makes up the perfect picture for a perfect breakaway from the busy concrete jungles out there.

These coaches have sharing bathrooms and showers.